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Your virtual stage for outstanding videos and live meetings. Communicate effectively and personally from your own virtual environment, in professional quality directly from your office.

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Cinector STAGE

The Cinector STAGE software gives you the freedom to create high-quality content for your corporate communication yourself at the click of a button.

Clear the Stage for Personality

Combine your communication content with the emotional appeal of the presenter.

Whether broadcasting live or recorded as a video – Cinector STAGE puts you and your content in the virtual limelight. Digital doesn’t get more personal than this.

We Completely Redefine Green Screen Production

Cinector brings the studio into your office and makes video production for companies as easy as PowerPoint. The entire production can be achieved by just one person.

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With just a few clicks, you can achieve brilliant results with Cinector STAGE. The software offers ready-made templates and virtual camera movements just like in a TV studio. All you need to do is import your existing images, videos and PowerPoint presentations.


Corporate Meetings

Inform and motivate national and international teams with personal and authentic messages.

Expert Interviews

Carry out impressive interviews with experts live from your virtual studio to audiences worldwide.

Virtual events

Reach your customers and employees on the digital stage without travel and booth costs.

Internal Announcements

Strengthen personal employee morale with news videos, greeting messages and welcome videos.

Training Videos

With video training, you ensure a high level of learning success and convey knowledge in a targeted, visual and memorable way.

Product Training

Present all the important innovations for your products to your sales team, distributors, partners and customers and achieve more sales.


Customer demo reel

Customer demo reel

Get inspired by videos and projects of our customers. Produced with our software Cinector Stage. For video communication with an impact.

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