In our first update for Cinector STAGE, we have corrected a number of small and medium bugs. But we also have some new goodies for you!

The first highlight is the new material assignment system for 3D models. As you may already know, you can assign Cinector materials to the different material slots in both our included and your imported 3D models. The new system allows for a better overview of the available materials, how you can modify them, and which material slot contains which material. Try it out!

The second major improvement is the new Undo system. Same as before the update, most changes can be undone by pressing Ctrl + Z on your keyboard. Now, certain undo steps are highlighted by flashing green so you can see which action exactly was reverted. Also, some changes were made on how GUI and project changes are handled in order to make it easier for you to work with this feature.

Cinector STAGE

  • ADDED: New material assignment system for 3D models
  • ADDED: Visual feedback on undo
  • ADDED: Changes made in the GUI are now considered separately by the undo command
  • FIXED: Open file dialog now shows viable file extensions
  • FIXED: Text element thumbnail background image corrected
  • FIXED: Multiple text object errors, e.g. wrong cursor positions
  • FIXED: Multiple movement tool errors, including possible related crashes
  • FIXED: Pressing F1 now opens the correct help file
  • FIXED: Multiple errors with context menus



  • ADDED: Logout button
  • ADDED: Account not verified notification
  • ADDED: The “remember me” function now works better; you may need to enter your login information again after the launcher update
  • FIXED: Corrected spelling errors/missing text
  • FIXED: Register button no longer opens multiple browser tabs



  • ADDED: The installer now detects if the user needs admin privileges and, if it does, attempts to restart itself in admin mode
  • ADDED: Alert, if the selected installation folder contains files
  • ADDED: Info on required and available disk space
  • ADDED: Text detailing the installation types
  • FIXED: Corrected spelling errors/missing text
  • FIXED: Progress bar now based on installed file size instead file number in order to provide better insight on the installation process