Update 1.0.10 brings you some requested features as well as some fixes. The main focus is the expansion of the material system. Opening the materials tab of a 3D model, you will now find an options button on the material in each slot. This lets you adjust the color, roughness and other details of the material.
Another addition can be found in the project overview: You can now switch between different interpolation methods for each frame. By default (as before), camera and object animation between frames eases in and out for a smoother transition. Now you can set frames to interpolate more steadily. This is especially useful if you want to create animations over multiple frames where it would be unwanted if the object stops and starts to move again at each frame.


Cinector STAGE

  • ADDED:¬†Options for 3D object materials
  • ADDED: Options for smooth or steady frame transitions
  • ADDED: Locked objects can now only be selected from the properties window (so you can click through them)
  • ADDED: Holding CTRL while in camera mode (ALT) enables stepless zoom
  • FIXED: A bug with group transformation reset