Update 1.0.12 consists mostly of bugfixes and optimizations. Additionally, you now have new choices concerning how tween animations between frames are calculated. This lets you chain multiple tween animations together without objects or the camera accelerating and decelerating every time.


Cinector STAGE

  • ADDED: New interpolation modes for frames (choose between linear, bezier, linear to bezier, and bezier to linear)
  • FIXED: Materials and the shader have been redone for a more realistic render image
  • FIXED: Improved loading time caused by 3D models and materials
  • FIXED: Undoing replacing a model should now also restore the correct material
  • FIXED: Thumbnail creation error
  • FIXED: The positioning helper now no longer glitches when rotating objects by exactly 90°
  • FIXED: Some audio issues
  • FIXED: Cinector STAGE can now be used via a remote connection without crashing


  • FIXED: The launcher should now cease its habit of crashing upon start or login



  • FIXED: The language chosen during installation is now applied to the launcher as intended