With this update, we focussed on the launcher. The main feature we bring to you is the option to launch Cinector STAGE without logging in. This new Viewer Mode allows you to launch your presentations at any time. For example, you can take your notebook with your Cinector STAGE projects to clients and hold a live 3D presentation without having to enter their Wi-Fi. You could also send your projects to partners or clients without them having to register a Cinector User Account in order to start your presentation.

Another small but vital update is that the launcher now uses the Windows proxy settings, which should make it easier to connect to the login server from a company network. Please let us know if you still experience issues with the launcher login.

Cinector STAGE

  • FIXED: Black watermarks should no longer occur if a screenshot is saved as PNG
  • FIXED: Global sound (set in Global Properties > Music and Sound) now starts to play in sync with the start of video recording
  • FIXED: Reduced CPU load during camera animation
  • FIXED: Images replaced with new images of the same file name now get replaced in the scene instantly
  • FIXED: Increased the width of scrollbars



  • ADDED: You can now start Cinector STAGE without logging in/having an account. If you do so, it starts in Viewer Mode and can only play pre-existing presentations.
  • ADDED: Information on current license state after login
  • ADDED: Settings tab for language selection etc.
  • ADDED: Now uses the Windows proxy settings