Besides fixing a few bugs, this update brings you a new pair of features: multi-selection and grouping. Both systems are implemented in their first iteration and will receive future improvement.

Start by holding down the Shift key and sequentially selecting multiple objects on the same presentation planes. You can then manipulate this selection of objects as if they were a single object. If you want to keep the selection, you can create a group by right-clicking one of the selected objects and choosing “Group Elements”. You can see such groups in the object list of the properties window. There you can manage groups as well.

If you rotate a group, the first object in the list will be used as the center. Also, rotation of a group between frames will not rotate the group itself. It is instead intended as a helper to keep relative positions of objects. However, we plan to expand on the group feature in the near future.


Cinector STAGE

  • ADDED: Multiselection and basic group features
  • ADDED: “Reset material” context option for 3D objects in the material GUI
  • ADDED: The currently active stage/frame is now highlighted in the overview
  • ADDED: Anonymous statistical data collection (can be disabled in the launcher)
  • ADDED: More obvious notification if Cinector STAGE was started in viewer mode
  • FIXED: Replacing text with an uncached font sometimes led to infinite font caching
  • FIXED: “Replace in all frames” now applies to previous frames as well
  • FIXED: Video objects now correctly autoplay when entering presentation mode on this frame (via F6)
  • FIXED: Object scripts no longer automatically run in edit mode
  • FIXED: Audio elements did not play correctly when starting a presentation
  • FIXED: Some duplicated objects did not correctly inherit their positions
  • FIXED: The config file has been moved to the AppData folder



  • ADDED: You can now enter a username and password for your proxy under “Settings”



  • FIXED: After a UAC prompt, the installer should now continue in the correct language