This cumulative update mostly eliminates a number of smaller bugs. Beyond that, it implements new features for all users that want to change content all across their project.

From now on, all objects with the same name (as seen in the property window) are considered the same object throughout the project. While this was true before for questions of animation, this now applies to their actual appearance as well. To be precise, three features were implemented for this reason:

Consistent text objects: If you change the content of a text field, all other text fields of the same name copy this new text. This means no more going through every frame if you have to change a typo or the wording of your text!
Replace in project: When you place a new object on an existing object of the same type (like a 3D model on another 3D model), a context menu asks you if you would like to replace the existing object with the new one. You can either replace it only on the current frame, on all frames of the current stage or even throughout the whole project (as long as the existing object has the same name everywhere).
Transfer style: If you made changes to an object (e.g. material choice on a 3D model or the font color of a text object), you can right-click the object and choose “Transfer style” to apply this styling to all copies of the object (of the same name) across your project.

We know that this object consistency may be unwanted on some of your older projects, especially if you did not name your objects by hand. The first time you load an old project, we automatically update your project so that differing objects are named differently. We also create an unaltered backup project for you to continue working in, should you chose to do so.

Have fun creating!

(A more detailed list of changes and bugfixes will be added soon.)