In Update 1.0.9, we focussed on making things easier for you. The most obvious addition is a selection of tutorial videos, which will help new users understand the basics of Cinector STAGE. The second highlight is the new autosave feature – so don’t worry if anything happens!


Cinector STAGE

  • ADDED: Video tutorials – you can enable the autoplay of those videos in the program settings and open them manually with the “?” button in the left toolbar
  • ADDED: Autosave – set autosave intervals in the program settings
  • ADDED: You can now apply functions (formerly “scripts”) to multi-selected objects
  • ADDED: Group animation – you can now animate whole object groups. They need to have the same name in both frames. The first object in the group list will be used as the center for rotation etc.
  • ADDED: The positioning tool now scales with the camera distance for better visibility
  • ADDED: The mouse cursor will now change according to the hovered part of the positioning tool
  • ADDED: Camera controls are now shown in camera control mode (holding ALT)
  • FIXED: Placing or importing an object in an area without a presentation plane will now place it on the nearest presentation plane
  • FIXED: Optimized grid and object highlighting
  • FIXED: Several file optimizations for future updates