Not long ago our founder and CEO Thomas Schmieder was invited to lecture on animation technology and the video game industry at the Universidad Don Bosco in El Salvador.

Students of various programming areas as well as students of engineering and communication sciences were present in the Mobile Software Innovation Center (MOSAIC) and listened with a mixture of interest and refreshing enthusiasm.

The IT industry is a growing market in the smallest country of Central America: From 2010 to 2011 alone the branch salaries increased by over 30 percent. To support that development, the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development and a multitude of public and private partners developed a program to kick-start the local IT education. Hence, the visit of Thomas Schmieder was just the latest in a series of guest lectures, but judging by the reaction of the up-and-coming specialists it was one of the most interesting ones. Cinector and its history really struck a chord.

We were overwhelmed by the welcoming people and their creativity – especially Art Code Studios, the first game development company and academy in the country and creators of games like Enola and Icescape.

Thank you all, it was an enriching experience. Until next time!