Cinector Labs

The Future of Virtual Communication

Computer Vision as a Factor of Success

Cinector Labs is a computer vision research lab focused on understanding people, cameras and how they interact when recording and running live streaming events.

Green screen-less video

Our goal is to simplify professional recording with intelligence. Our first milestone is to provide high-quality segmentation models for live video streams. This means that the need for green screen is completely removed.

Through our journey, we solve computer vision problems centered around humans and cameras such as human pose and monocular depth reconstruction, camera angle prediction, scene geometry reconstruction and low light reconstruction.

Research and Development

At Cinector Labs, a team of international computer vision and artificial intelligence experts is working on new technological solutions to make the use of Cinector even easier and more efficient.

The Cinector Labs technology is  available as an SDK

We have specialised models for high-end computer systems as well as for mobile devices and interactive websites. Our state-of-the-art segmentation models are particularly used in the world of VR game streamers to produce mixed reality content. Our segmentation models can be licensed for most platforms.

Cinector Labs in Action

How gives creatives the opportunity to connect with their audience in real time

In the innovative billion-dollar gaming industry, Cinector Labs comes to the fore. Players are transported directly from their living rooms into games and virtual rooms – and thus take part in the games “in person”.

For Corporate Meetings

Our technology is currently in the testing phase for the creation of high-quality content and live meetings for our business clients.