Discover what your online learning videos could look like

Our customer reel features some of our latest customer and project videos recorded and streamed with Cinector. Produce your own webinars, expert interviews, e-learning videos and product presentations. For virtual communication with an impact.


 Produce studio-quality meetings, webinars, and training videos with our easy-to-use software Cinector. Engage learners and create human connections between presenters and the attendees in front of the screen.

Benefits for speakers

+80% perceived expertise

+60% higher level of persuasion

Benefits for the audience

+280% increased engagement

+32% higher recall of information

Benefits for CFOs

-95% lower costs

-62% less time spent on preparation & (post) production

Ready for next-level learning content?

Let’s meet for a customized online demo, fit to your use case. Discover how easy it can be to produce your own TV-quality e-learning videos inhouse.