Cinector was featured at this year’s Medienforum Mittweida.

This annual event is being organized exclusively by young media experts at the Mittweida University of Applied Sciences.

It was the first time the Medienforum was held in the new building, utilizing the TV studio, whose construction had finished just weeks prior. On that impressive stage our CEO, Thomas Schmieder, held a panel together with our colleagues¬†Folker Schamel of SPINOR and Frank Lenhard of PiXABLE STUDIOS called “Hollywood on the Holodeck”, talking about the progress concerning Virtual Production and explaining our approach.

Two areas of application were discussed in-depth with focus on the corresponding pilot projects. The consensus was that over the next few years, much work that has traditionally been done during post-processing can and will now be adressed during pre-processing, minimizing financial risk and tightening the overall production process.

You can find a German article on our panel over at!