Case Study

fluvicon GmbH

How fluvicon uses 3D animated moving images to approach new partners and raise awareness for the company.

About fluvicon


fluvicon offers the next generation of water treatment and desalination. Driven by the vision of clean water, physicist Thomas Grießler founded fluvicon GmbH in 2013. Since then, the company has been developing a process for treating water according to a principle adapted from nature: forward osmosis.



In order to attract further partners and investors for fluvicon’s patented know-how, the company faces the challenge of pitching the unique process and technology regularly and making it known in international markets.

This involves communicating a complex scientific topic in a clear and understandable way and making it accessible to a non-scientific audience. Chemical processes that take place in secret have to be explained and made visible in a simple way.



To achieve the set goals, fluvicon relies on animated pitch videos. Cinector was chosen because the software combines 3D animated moving images with a presenting person in the shot.

Thanks to green screen technology, founder Thomas Grießler becomes an integral part of the video and addresses his target groups directly and personally.

Founder in focus

From the virtual studio, founder Thomas Grießler acts as storyteller and conveys the fluvicon vision in a lively and authentic way.

Simply explained in 3D

3D animations explain the complex chemical processes in an understandable way and provide a vivid visualisation.

Mix of media

Different media content such as images, texts and animations provide an entertaining media mix alongside live films of the installations.

Cinector’s 3D animation makes it possible for experts and non-experts alike to understand the special features of our processes in no time at all. Previously, I had to fill entire flip charts for this. Even in personal customer meetings, I now resort to showing the animations instead of long-winded explanations.

Thomas Grießler, Geschäftsführer fluvicon GmbH



Once created in Cinector STAGE, the project can be recorded as often as desired. In a short time, individualised content for different needs and target groups can be created.

In half a day of shooting, six videos were created: a 100-second short pitch, a pure animation sequence and a detailed 7-minute video, each in German and English.

Communication that delivers.

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