Cinector STAGE

The Future of Virtual Communication

Why Cinector STAGE?

Imagine your audience hanging on your every word in live meetings. Imagine needing only one take for your video recordings. Cinector makes it all possible.

Brilliant Corporate Videos and Meetings

Enter a new world of visual communication. Cinector connects personalities and their media content in an engaging 3D scene.

Secure the attention of your audience with communication that really hits home.

As Close to a Personal Conversation as Possible

People express emotions inherently using verbal and non-verbal communication, however current communication tools give little room for users to express themselves non-verbally.

With Cinector STAGE, the full meaning of your presentations and messaging is expressed convincingly through your authenticity, confidence and emotions.

Steffi Greenscreen Studio Cinector

Minimal Setup, Maximum Effect

Camera cranes, soundmen and elaborate post-production are a thing of the past.

Cinector STAGE fits seamlessly onto your existing infrastructure. Do you already have camera, lighting, green screen and microphone at hand? Great, then you can start right away.

Video production with Cinector STAGE enables us to prepare content with no need for editing in post-production. We use Cinector to present internal news to our employees around the world, quickly and in a way that is easy to understand.

Silvia Tölzer, Semikron International

In the middle of a virtual studio, I can present my topics like a TV presenter and captivate participants in my events. This also works really well for pre-recorded as well as live presentations.

Dr. Michael Lache, Lache Consulting

With Cinector, we can establish a professional brand presence thanks to the great support team who are always on hand to help us when needed. Cinector went above and beyond and greatly exceeded our expectations.

Michael Edlbauer, Bertrandt AG

Cinector’s high quality and intuitive operation of the hardware and software convinced us from the start. With Cinector we now have a professional set-up for in-house video productions and online presentations.

Stefan Ritschel, Schöffel Sportbekleidung

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How Cinector STAGE Works

Install Software & Set Up

You only need to set up the camera, lighting, green screen and microphone once. We provide support when you need us.

Don’t have the right equipment yet? We will be happy to put together a all-inclusive fast-start kit for you.

Create Project

In the modular system, you compile animated video templates and fill them with your media content via drag & drop. You can adapt your studio to your corporate design in minutes.

Presentations or Live-Recording

Whether for pre-recorded company presentations, or streamed live on your meeting or streaming software, it’s never been easier to create training videos, corporate meetings and online seminars.

Realise the benefits of non-verbal communication

One-Person Production

Cinector STAGE saves your resources and can be operated completely by one person. From setup, to creation, to recording.

Compliance guaranteed

Everyone in the team creates consistent, high-quality videos.
Once created, studios and templates can be reused as often as desired.

No expertise required

You don’t need any previous professional knowledge of editing, sound and effects. The software does all this for you automatically.

As easy to use as PowerPoint Tools

Thanks to our intuitive software, you can get started straight away.
Have you mastered PowerPoint? Then you can also master Cinector STAGE

The freedom to create anything

In advanced mode, there are no limits to your creativity.
You define animations, camera movements and timings individually.

Cost-effective content creation

Produce an unlimited number of videos within your licence term.
There’s no cheaper way to create videos and host live events.