Company Update | 13 Apr, 2022

Cinector Closes €2.5M Seed Round to Expand Extended Reality Platform for Virtual Corporate Presentations.

BERLIN, 22 March 2022 – Virtual communications startup Cinector, closes €2.5m seed round to meet global demand for high quality virtual presentations across enterprise sales, corporate communications and education markets.

Cinector’s established virtual studio software integrates with leading communication platforms from Microsoft, Zoom, Google and Cisco to go beyond video conferencing by creating a fully customisable virtual stage that can be operated by one person. Used in pre-recorded and live modes, Cinector brings the power of a Hollywood studio into the office to make video production for companies as easy as PowerPoint.

Lutz Roellig, Cinector CEO said “we are delighted to announce our Seed round of €2.5m to meet customer demand and accelerate sales, customer success and product operations in new markets.”

He went on to say, “the ubiquity of video communications has created massive demand from corporations who want to produce highly engaging, effortless video productions from their office or remote locations. Cinector is the only virtual studio software in the market to meet enterprise requirements of software stability, rapid deployment as well as full customisation.”

Cinector built its proprietary technology from the founding team’s experience working on blockbuster movie special effects. Constantly pushing the boundaries of computer vision, the Saxony-based startup has established its R&D Division ‘Cinector Labs’ integrating AI capabilities into the technology to deliver its customers the market’s best quality and features.

The €2.5m seed round was led by Leipzig based Technologiegründerfonds Sachsen (TGFS). TGFS is an early-stage VC fund targeting high tech startups with strong growth potential in its 15-year history.

TGFS’s Managing Director, Sören Schuster commented “Cinector has massive potential and is built on cutting edge technology and computer vision research by an expert team.” He added, “the experienced sales and product team has delivered record sales and made Cinector stand out as a must have and highly scalable communications platform.”

About Cinector

Founded in 2015 by Thomas Schmieder, Tobias Tauscher and Enrico Pisko, Cinector was born out of the Hollywood film industry. The company is led by successful entrepeneur Lutz Röllig as CEO.

The founders were advisers to a special effects team on a major Hollywood production and during the film process, directors, producers and actors were unable to view how each special effects scene would look as post-production techniques were lengthy and required significant computing and manpower resources.

After 5 years of research and development, the German team founded Cinector GmbH to apply the technological advances of Hollywood computer vision to business communication.

Cinector is Headquartered in Mittweida, Saxony and has offices in Berlin and Dusseldorf.

About TGFS

TGFS provides technology-oriented founders with venture capital for the seed and start-up phase. The first fund generation was set up in 2008 by the Free State of Saxony (including ERDF funding) and Saxon financial institutions, the second fund generation followed up in 2016, totalling  €147m with more than 80 start-ups supported.

TGFS targets innovative, technology-oriented founders and companies that belong to the sectors ITC, semiconductor and microsystem technology, medical technology, life science, environmental and energy technology as well as new media and have their headquarters or place of business in Saxony.